Pizza Cat

Don't invoice your friends

Pizzacat is no more fights over who needs to buy the milk or do the dishes. Pizzacat is a revolutionary way of making sure your world keeps on track. every person in your household gets their own pizzacat with its own personality. As you do chores and learn good habits your pizzacat grows and changes: getting new outfits, phrases, and minigames.

About Us

Our team was formed by veterans of several Occupy Wall Street technology off-shoots and we're a worker-owned, worker-run company

Currently Integrates with:

Facebook, Calendar Apps (iCal, Google Calendar), Todo List Apps (, Todoist, Wunderlist, Google Tasks)

What Pizzacat will do for you

Make your home and community simpler, happier and more productive by facilitating house-work, chores, and community events in a fun and novel way.

What we're fixing

The common chore-chart, list and todo apps